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What you need to know about dentures


Dentures are awesome inventions, since there are a lot of people that have teeth problems. They are very useful for those who need them temporarily or for elderly people who do not have the same healthy teeth as they had in their youth.

Dentures are artificial teeth and gums that are specially created for you in order to replace the natural teeth. They can  be designed for all of the teeth or for the top or the bottom ones. However, before getting dentures, there are some things that are very important to know.


The feeling

We bet you are wondering if dentures feel like natural teeth. Yes, they do. If they are designed so that they fit your mouth and if they are shaped according to the size of your lost teeth, then you will feel no difference. Of course, in the beginning, it may feel weird, but, in time, you will get used to the feeling.

It may also be a bit hard to get used to eating. We would recommend you to start with easy, soft foods and then try the other types.

Types of dentures

There are different types of dentures and not all of them will be suited to your specific needs. First of all, there are conventional dentures which are used when the teeth were removed and the gums healed. Then, the immediate dentures will be the ones that you will use outside your dentist’s office, so that you don’t go without teeth while your mouth is going through a healing process.

An overdenture is the one that your dentist will use in order to save some teeth and it has to fit over the natural teeth that have not been removed. Partial dentures are the ones that have the role to fill in the spaces between the teeth that you have lost and the ones that are healthy.

Besides these, there are fixed dentures, fixed bridges and implants. Your doctor will say which one is best suited for you.



Dentures are just like natural teeth and, thus, they certainly have to be cleaned. It is very important for your dentures to be cleaned twice a day – clean them in the morning before putting them on and in the evening after taking them out. Brushing is also very important.

Be sure that you take great care of your dentures, because they do not last forever. If you are afraid that they will slip while you are eating, because this is a common feeling at the beginning, just use denture adhesives to secure them. But make sure you remove them before brushing.

Dentures always have to be kept in water or in denture cleansing solution. Otherwise, they will be damaged.

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