Egypt Travelling Guide for Summer

Egypt is known to experience two primary seasons: Summer and Winter. Summer begins in May and lasts until October, while winter begins in November and runs through April. During summer, the country can get extremely hot and dry at certain times during the day and as a result, it is deemed to be the off-season. This, however, does not mean you should completely dismiss the idea of travelling to this spectacular region during summer. Despite the scorching desert heat, there are definite advantages to visiting the country during this time.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the advantages of visiting Egypt from May to the first part of September (the latter part of September tends to be slightly cooler). We will also look at some tips, suggest things to do, and give you an idea of what to anticipate in regard to the weather.

Why Should You Visit Egypt During Summer?

1. Fewer Tourists

Nobody wants to find themselves surrounded by hordes of tourists during their vacation. During peak season, Egypt’s popular sites such as tombs, mosques, and monuments are likely to be crowded with visitors, leading to longer tour durations. Spending excessive time waiting in lines will likely cause you to miss out on those must-see locations you’ve been eagerly anticipating. However, if you decide to travel during the hottest time of the year, you’ll easily avoid the common crowds.

Opting for a summer trip grants you the luxury of sufficient time to delve into Egypt’s captivating history and get immersed in its rich culture. You can leisurely soak up the mesmerizing landscapes and take countless photographs to commemorate the memorable journey.

2. Reduced Prices

Since summer is deemed to be the off-season in Egypt, you can expect more affordable prices for hotels, flights, and tour packages in comparison to the high season. Depending on the duration of your trip, choosing to visit Egypt during the summer months could save you a significant amount of money, potentially reducing your overall expenses by hundreds of dollars. With these savings, you’ll have extra cash to splurge on souvenirs at Khan-el-Khalili, the renowned souk in Cairo. Additionally, you can be able to treat yourself to an upgrade, enjoying the comfort and luxury of a spacious suite in your hotel.

3. Remain Cool with Air-Conditioned Private Transportation

Despite the sweltering heat of Egypt, you will have the luxury of travelling in a private air-conditioned vehicle as long as you opt for a luxury tour. This comfortable and temperature-controlled mode of transportation will make a world of difference as you explore the country during summer.

Things to Do in Egypt

Indulge in the Splendor of Egypt’s Magnificent Beaches

While the beaches in Egypt may not be less crowded during the sunny weather, summer presents a great opportunity to embrace the country’s coastal beauty. If you intend to visit Egypt during this season, ensure you prioritize destinations such as Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh. With up to 14 hours of daily sunshine, you’ll have the perfect conditions for swimming, sunbathing, and wading in the water.

Go for a Nile Sailing Adventure

Embarking on a felucca, a traditional Egyptian sailboat, allows you to sail along the legendary Nile, one of the world’s most iconic waterways. Take the opportunity to go on one of the Blue Shadow Nile cruises along the river. Unwind, pause along the journey for a refreshing swim, and marvel at the captivating views of the river.

Scuba Dive in the Red Sea

As an extension of the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea is globally recognized as one of the best destinations for scuba diving enthusiasts. During summer, the Red Sea’s temperatures linger around the pleasant 80s, allowing hobbyists ample time to explore the vibrant coral reefs, marine life, and much more.