How to maintain your lawn in the winter

In the colder times of the year, some people might forget that your lawn needs a bit more love for it to stay beautiful and healthy. It’s harder because of the cold temperatures that can even be a few degrees below zero. The grass will freeze and stop growing if you don’t take care of it properly. So, especially for you, here are a few tips that come in handy when maintaining your lawn before and through the winter times.


Using scarification as a way to prep, and at the same time, clean your lawn, is very common. A lot of people already know this method and use it every once in a while. But scarifying your lawn has a lot of pro’s to it.

When you use it as a way to prep your lawn, to maybe end up fertilizing it, the fertilizer will absorb into the grounds better, which will lead to a healthier lawn. And the better you take care of your lawn, the less trouble it will give you during the winter times.

When you use it just to clean your lawn, I’d recommend trying the fertilizing method as well. It really helps with keeping your grass healthy and making sure there are no things that shouldn’t be there.


Many of you who maintain their lawn whenever they have to already use it, but the use of it becomes ten times more important once we’re nearing the low temperatures. Fertilizing your grass gives your grass the needed nutrients when it comes to preparing for the winter. The fertilizer gets absorbed into the roots of the grass. As a result the grass will stay healthy through the winter. In the spring those nutrients have come in handy when your grass starts growing more. The colour will be a beautiful bright green and your lawn won’t have weeds, pests and diseases in it because it’s been properly taken care of.


So when you’ve decided youÅ•e going to start fertilizing your lawn, you should try to find a good product to do it with. A lot of people tend to go for an iron sulphate or an iron fertilizer. These are more ‘aggressive’ types of fertilizer. When you decide to put lawn grass seed on the lawn after the fertilizer, you have to wait a couple days with the iron sulphate, if you use a more gentle fertilizer you don’t have to do that!