Living Room Renovation Ideas

Living room is the most important part of your home as it is the first impression of your whole home. You can either convert your living room into a formal place or a place to sit with family that has a coziness. For any type of living room renovation, it is the furniture, curtains, rugs or carpet, wall color and accessories that matter the most. So while decorating it, consider all and your budget.
Before selecting the furniture make sure what style you want. It can be Traditional, Contemporary, Victorian, European and mix of two. There is no hard and fast rule of sticking to one style as you can use your own creativity to create the style of your own. Also decide the color scheme in advance as your whole efforts will go waste at the end if there is a big mismatch. Once you have decided that shop for the furniture.
The color scheme will be according to the furniture that you have selected. You can either have the same color but with different tone or you can have the contrasting color. Like in contemporary living room it is the contrast that rules the entire decor. On the other hand, in traditional style select the color as per the furniture color which is generally brown, beige and cream. Pick the wall color or color of wall paper according to the color of furniture, flooring and upholstery. Read living room decor ideas to know more.
This is the most important part of furnishing. In this also comes the window treatments. Consider the wall and furniture color along with amount of Sunlight before buying curtains. Pick the bold color and floral pattern if you have picked the contemporary theme. You can go with the plain curtains with tassel and other accessories if the theme is traditional. The fabric of the curtain markedly affects the appearance. Pick light fabric if your room is small and has less light.
There are many accessories in the market that can be used to enhance the overall look of the living room. These are throw pillows, rugs, carpets, wall hangings, paintings and other such products. Try to mix and match the different colors and designs to bring out the desired effect.