Three ways to use an old shipping container

Have you ever noticed a Conex box for sale and wondered what people do with it? There are many things you can create out of an old shipping container. Companies like eveon containers sell them second hand, making them beneficial to the environment. By reusing shipping containers, they make sure that these resources do not go to waste. A reused container also means a smaller carbon footprint and less CO2-emmissions. But what use is a shipping container to you? Following is a list of things people have created from old containers to inspire you. After reading this blog post, you are guaranteed to wanting to buy your own container.

Storage in containers

Obviously, you can use a container for storage. If you are going on a long trip and are looking for a place to store your furniture while you are renting out your house or apartment, a container can be a cheaper option than hiring storage space from a big company. Purchasing a shipping container means a one-time purchase, whereas hiring space to store your stuff usually means that you pay per month. Whether or not using a container for storage is beneficial to you, depends on how long you are going to need the storage space for. Make sure that you weigh all the pros and cons against each other before you make a decision.

Use a container to start a business

More and more people are using containers as a place to house their business in. Whether you want to create the perfect home office for yourself, or you want to use the space of a container to sell products: it’s all possible. You can create a pop-up restaurant or a store in an old shipping container for a fraction of the cost of a regular restaurant or retail space. The best part is that you have full control over how your business will look, and you will even be able to move it easily when the time comes. The travelling container restaurant: how cool does that sound?

Create shelter and housing

In a lot of places, there is a high demand for housing. Homelessness is rising, but so are property and rent prices. This is where containers come in. Most containers are modular, meaning they are all the same shape and size. This means that they can be stacked and used to create large structures. You can build an entire living complex out of used shipping containers. In many countries, these types of construction are used to house students or refugees. What will you be doing with a shipping container?