What does it mean to be a nutritionist?


According to too many statistics, unhealthy food is one of the major causes for a multitude of medical issues. Unfortunately, people are not at all concerned with what and how they eat, not to mention they almost never take into consideration visiting a nutritionist that can give professional advice on how to eat healthy.nutri1

As a nutritionist, I seldom get the impression that I’m tilting at windmills. It’s not that people are not interested or willing to keep to a healthy lifestyle, because some of them are, but, mostly, people push the most basic, but also the most important daily activities in a corner of their mind and discredit their essential contribution to their overall well-being. Most certainly, there are a lot of people that don’t have the time to change the way they eat because their careers or other daily labors interfere with their decision to start a healthy food regime.

nutri4Most of my patients come into my office not because they’ve decided to change the way they eat or live, but because they’ve been sent there by their medical doctor to treat an already severe medical problem. My role as their nutritionist is to find the best alimentary regime for their individual case. It is not always easy and I keep telling my patients that a periodical visit to a nutritionist would help them prevent a great number of discomforts.

For these reasons, but for many others as well, I’ve committed myself to starting this nutrition related blog that is intended to help people in need, especially those who don’t have the possibility or the time to visit a specialist. Moreover, I will try sharing here the best techniques to apply at home, so that those trying to maintain in good health, or a harmonious physical aspect are able to do so without paying for it.

nutri3In addition, I will try to change commonly encountered misconceptions related to nutritionists. For those who are not aware, a nutritionist will not only be able to provide you with a healthy regime, but also with diet ideas, smart food combinations and the best exercises to keep you energized and in good shape. Furthermore, a good specialist will be able to tell you which are the foods you should definitely avoid if you’re dealing with skin problems or other small issues. Also, a competent professional will be capable of redirecting you to a specialist able to address your health problem, if what you are suffering from is not in their area of expertise.

Another important reason for which I’ve decided to start writing about food related medical impairments is that of teaching people how to choose a skilled professional. You may know that nutrition is somewhat of a new medical field. As such, the regulations allowing or prohibiting certain individuals to practice are not yet clear. That is why, there are certain aspects, such as the needed certifications and diplomas to become a nutritionist, that any person searching for a specialist in this field should be aware of before choosing one.

Finally, I will concomitantly try helping young specialists with various techniques that I’ve learnt to master in my years of practice and that they can use to help patients with similar issues.

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